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    Nutrition Therapist  |  Strategist  |  Best-Selling Author  |  Speaker

    Wendi Francis is a pioneer in her field with specialty areas in nutrition therapy and eating disorders, women's empowerment, life launching and business and relationship psychology. Not only is she a registered and licensed dietitian with a graduate degree in counseling and education but she also has extensive expertise and training in eating disorders and trauma and is certified in strategic life and business coaching, neuro-linguistics programming, somatic experiencing and grief coaching. Wendi has worked in her own private practice for the past twenty plus years facilitating permanent transformation for others by turning their fears into freedom. She is also a best-selling author, podcast co-host, recognized speaker and educator.

    Her multi-faceted strategies move groups and individuals from reaction to ACTION by focusing on the WHY they do things as well as the WHAT. In her work Wendi focuses on both individual and group specific patterns, providing her skilled expertise and training to impart tremendous benefit to specialized professionals, business owners and patients as she uses multiple modalities to create lasting change in thoughts, language, physiology and behaviors. Within her own private practice and three other businesses, Wendi's specialized expertise and training provide tremendous benefit to both business professionals, helping professionals and clients as she uses multiple modalities to create lasting change from the ground up. These strategic interventions create physical and psychological empowerment and radical transformations in behaviors, emotions and beliefs driving individuals and groups to their own striking success.

    New Book by Wendi Francis

    Shattering the Belief Code (available for kindle and paperback) will not only teach you about beliefs, mindset and empowerment but it will also give you simple step-by-step strategies to help yourself or your clients create empowered results and outcomes, identify internal belief structures and break free from negative beliefs.

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    I find my coaching session with Wendi to be like talking to my best friend. That person that you can instantly be completely vulnerable with and be 100% yourself, with no fear of being judged…but rather accepted exactly as you are. (Read more)
    Lisa K.

    I have had the pleasure to be a client of Wend Francis for four years. Throughout this time, she has had amazing insight helping me re-frame situations and helping me place them in proper perspective…..there has never been a visit with her that I did not leave with clarity and thorough notes! (Read More)
    Stephanie S.

    Wendi uses an amazing process to help her clients utilize their abilities to cultivate permanent change. Her insight to get right to the heart of the matter is like no other person I have worked with before. (Read More)
    Elena S.

    She spoke from her heart and she saved my life…literally. (Read More)
    Dru M.

    Real Raw Truths Podcast

    With decades of experience in topics ranging from psychology to fitness, business strategy to eating disorders, motherhood to marketing, and emotional trauma to teaching, these inspiring women are dedicated to transforming the lives of every single listener, including yours!

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