Feeding Issue Breakthrough Strategy Sessions

Let’s face it, as parents, creating fantastic healthy meals and mealtimes is challenging.  However, if you have a child that has a specific feeding issue like picky eating, texture aversion, or SPD these times are even more difficult. Fraught with powerstruggles, fears and fights mealtimes can actually be a family’s worst time of the day.  Some consider picky eating a phase, as a clinician I know that is not always true and I have seen the ramifications of rampant picky eating on a family infrastructure, as well as the damage it has done within the child alone.

In working with me I will:

  1. Answer and bring clarity to all of your questions around your child’s feeding and eating behaviors.
  2. Help you to identify specific interventions to help bring an end to both you and your child’s challenges with food, feeding and mealtimes.
  3. Develop a specific game plan to enable you and your child to successfully overcome this issue permanently.
Soon to come program:  Secrets to Success:  Take Off Your Combat Boots at the Dinner Table-Overcoming Your Child’s Feeding Issues
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