In the last 25 years of education and experience, I have uncovered and formulated the most powerful and effective strategies and techniques that will enable you to breakthrough and find your true formula for success. I have a clinical background in nutrition, a graduate degree in counseling and education, certified as a life coach and NLP practitioner as well as having extensive training in trauma, eating disorders and grief coaching.

Our work together as a STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP will allow you to:

  • Identify, interrupt and annihilate patterns, emotionally and physically
  • Identify and create new negative beliefs and meanings
  • Understand your strengths and build upon them
  • Identify, understand and change emotional state patterns
  • Discover what you truly want and need personally and professionally
  • Eliminate what prevents you from accomplishing your goals

Because of my extensive and varied background I can work with any client to achieve success but most particularly focus on eating disorders, feeding issues (including SPD), weight loss, parenting, strategic business goal planning, grief and loss, trauma and marital coaching.