Meet Wendi

As a young girl I recognized and believed that I was put on this earth for a purpose and that purpose had to do with creating transformation.  This belief would carry me through my darkest hours and allow me to soar into my finest times.  In my work and in my life I absolutely know that beliefs are critical in dictating and determining how we feel, act and behave in various arenas of our life.

My past has been a pivotal driving point for me to learn all that I could about specific areas of physical, mental, physiological and psychological health.  Professionally and personally I love acquiring wisdom in order to impart massive change for others catapulting true transformation.

Many people have asked me how can you work effectively with a 15 year-old girl with anorexia and then turn around and work with a 7- figure business man.  The answer is simple.  For the last 20 plus years, I have been committed to discovering and uncovering all of the tools that enable true transformation to occur moving people from fear to freedom.

My core passion is transformation.

Transformation of a sunrise to sunset

Transformation of high tide to low tide in the ocean

Transformation of a child developing and growing through stages

The transformation of an individual’s internal beliefs, knowledge, awareness or behaviors

The transformation of a business

Transformation of a client or an audience

Transformation in the evolution of life

I love playing as I work and working as I play.  I love my family, friends, writing, speaking, music, body movement, learning, growing and contributing to myself and others.  As a woman, wife, mother of three, avid nature lover, hiker, runner, entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker I love living life to the fullest in all areas and am continually honored, humbled and inspired by all of the individuals, professionals and groups that I work with.