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Whether your child has anorexia, bulimia or compulsive overeating this comprehensive course designed specifically for you and will answer the questions you have around their child’s eating disorder. In the past 20 plus years, I have worked in my office with hundreds of clients and their parents empowering both parties to get through, around and over the child’s eating disorder. Whether your child is 4, 14 or 44 your child needs to have you on their supportive, recovery team and this program will help you do that, educated and confident.

My course targets many areas that my clients parents have needed help, answers and resources in including the “inside” psychology behind an eating disorder, internal and external resources available for eating disorders and how specifically to find them, what’s helpful and what’s hurtful to say and do, specific language and strategies to diffuse fights at the meal table and conversations around food, weight and exercise as well as many other things.

This all-inclusive course includes audios, videos, 75 page comprehensive e-book and one 45 minute strategy session.

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